Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Really Good Schaerbeek Resto

Belgaña Owner Tom Cansse With A Satisfied Diner

Ok, so, if you don't know Brussels, you don't know Schaerbeek (Schaarbeek, in Flemish -- get used to having two spellings, or even two different names for practically every place in Belgium). It's a neighborhood (they call them "quartiers" here -- that's French, of course) that's considered "in transition" from working class, retired folks, to ... yes, even here ... the dreaded "yuppies" (perhaps we should call them "Bruppies"?). Which means there's a cool mix of old, mangy town houses and shops and trendy new spaces (more of the former and less of the latter -- "pour le moment," as the French would say). Anyway, one of the best restos (that's restaurants) is Restaurant Belgaña, where the chef, Eric, offers Spanish specialities in addition to Belgian favorites. The lively young waiter/owner, Tom, will insult you (jokingly, of course) in three languages (his native Flemish, his reluctant-but-fluent French, and his eager, vigorous, L.A.-street-style English). You're gonna eat well here ... and not pay too much.


  1. What's the adress ? maybe a link to their site if they have one ?


  2. It's Avenue Chazal 15, Schaerbeek. No, they don't have a website.