Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Coolest Friend and I Are Planning A Jazz Nightclub in Brussels

Ted Richardson, my coolest pal
Oh, yeah, say it's impractical ... foolish ... silly ... But my coolest pal, Ted Richardson (visit his very cutting-edge website here), and I are gonna open a jazz nightclub here in Brussels. As soon as we (1) find the right space -- I've got one in mind already, and (2) find the right investors -- I want some Belgians involved, not just Americans. It's gonna be primarily a jazz venue (when we can get the right talent) but will also feature performance artists, poets, tango dancers, martial artists, hula dancers, half-clad "native" waiters and waitresses ... and, oh yes, great Cajun food: Ted's original recipes.

Not only can Ted cook up a storm, but he's a world-class oil-and-gas man, currently pulling together big prospects in Houston, as well as a well-respected jazz man, who's produced albums by some of the world's biggest jazz stars, including, most recently, Carl Saunders.

Is there a place like this already in Brussels? Are you kidding?! In Belgium? Think again, man. In Europe? Certainly not. It will be a one-of-the kind place, in a one-of-a-kind city ... run by two one-of-a-kind (does that phrase even make sense?) guys: Ted and me. Stay tuned for regular updates. P.S. If you want to invest, write me a letter explaining why!

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