Monday, February 16, 2009

My Marathon Friday the Thirteenth

What a day this was! Here's my schedule:

5:00 a.m. Wake up to a cold, cold house.
5:20 Send text to landlord, complaining.
6:45 Send email to landlord, complaining.
7:00 Walk to Gare du Nord.
7:25 Take train to Braine l'Alleud.
8:00 Take bus to Waterloo; start walking to school.
8:15 Slip on ice sheet in parking lot of Carrefour.
8:25 Arrive at school.

9:00 Begin teaching Victoria Diaz y Fernandez. Help her get her copy of SpeedLingua working (partial success). Translate rude English terms for her.

12:00 Finish class; cadge a ride from Victoria to the station.
13:05 Arrive in Bruxelles; tram to Avenue Louise; walk to school.
13:30 Begin class with Soumia Hmimach.
15:30 Finish class; head home.
17:00 Begin 15-minute rest.
18:00 Drinks with Ludmilla and Marilyn.
20:00 Arrive at Belgaña; greeted warmly by Tom.

20:30 Joined by Gergely.

23:45 Off to the wild party of Maui Am Vill.
4:00 Leave party; taxi home.
5:00 Go to bed, after a long, long day!

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